Nursing Scholarships in PA

Nursing scholarships in PA are often available for qualified and hardworking students. With the average cost of a college degree costing tens of thousands of dollars, finding ways to offset these costs is a good way to keep your student loan debt to a minimum.

As the demand to attend nursing schools in PA continues to grow, the availability of scholarship and grant money should increase as well. In this article we will discuss what type of nursing scholarships in PA are available as well as tips for finding and securing money for your education.

Nursing Scholarships in PA Vs Student Loans

Besides scholarships, student loans and working your way through nursing school are the other traditional means of paying for college. Unfortunately, the debt incurred from student loans can take years to pay back and eat up a large chunk of your monthly salary. While working and going to school is an option, often the tuition is simply too much to cover and some form of financial aid will be needed.

What types of Nursing Scholarships in PA are Available?

Nursing Scholarships In PANursing scholarships in PA are essentially a grant or sum of money provided to students who meet certain qualifications. Since the money is considered a grant, there is no need for the student to pay it back.

There are four types of nursing scholarships in Pennsylvania available. These include:

  • Need based - Scholarships determined by the financial situation of the student.
  • Student specific - Scholarships that are aimed primarily at minority students, though other factors may be involved.
  • Career specific - Scholarships that are granted to nursing students in particular.
  • Merit Based - Scholarships that are based on academic performance, such as an exceptionally high GPA or SAT/ACT entrance exam scores.

Please note that certain qualifiers are usually attached to each scholarship and can eliminate you from even applying. For example, a "need based" scholarship might require that the student comes from a household that earns less than $20,000 a year. If your family earns more than that on a yearly basis then you wouldn't "qualify" for the scholarship opportunity.  

Where to Find Nursing Scholarships in PA

Students looking to obtain nursing scholarships in Pennsylvania should begin at the college or university’s Financial Aid Office. Once there, the student must fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid or FAFSA which is a normal requirement for any type of government education funding. Besides government scholarships and grants, the college's financial aid office should also have information about other area scholarships that are available.

While the Financial Aid office is a great resource, there are also other places you can inquire for nursing scholarships in PA. Here are a handful of opportunities available to nursing students.

Nightingale Nurses Scholarship - The Nightingale Nursing Scholarship is one of the most popular nursing scholarships in PA and provides a one-time $10,000 grant. Although only one nursing student per year can be awarded, the requirements for entry are fairly straightforward.

Requirements include:

  • Pennsylvania resident
  • Attend a nursing school in PA 
  • Minimum of a "B" average
  • Has completed at least 1 nursing course
  • Has not won a Nightingale scholarship before

American Nursing Foundation - This organization provides grants to students looking to start a career as a Registered Nurse or RN.

Daughters of the American Revolution - This organization awards multiple scholarships to students pursuing degrees in education, nursing, law, and history. Their application process is fairly straightforward and most of their scholarships for nursing students range from $500 to $1000.

Local Hospitals & Health Care Facilities - Many hospitals will help finance a students education if they agree to work at the hospital for a set period of time. While this usually isn't available to brand new nursing students, if you are an LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse) looking to become an RN than it's something you should look into.

Tips for Landing Nursing Scholarships in PA

No matter what nursing scholarships in Pennsylvania you apply for, make sure you fill out the application correctly and provide any additional materials that the scholarship committee requests. You would be surprised how many people get disqualified from scholarship opportunities simply because they don't fill out the application correctly. If there is an interview process, dress appropriately and be fully prepared to answer questions to the best of your abilities. Committees are looking for individuals who can best represent the scholarship and what it stands for. 

In conclusion, Nursing scholarships in PA can offset tuition costs, boost a job resume, and motivate students to achieve a high GPA. While there are many opportunities available, the best way to maximize your chance at landing scholarship money is to research and apply for every opportunity you qualify for.

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